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Regular maintenance of your heating and air conditioning system is important to maintain its' efficiency, keep utility costs low, lengthen the lifetime of the unit and helps avoid costly service breakdown. Whether you're looking for a one time tune up of your system or are interested in our fall and summer twice a year maintenance plan, our friendly, knowledgeable sales technicians is ready to assist you when you call Walker heating and Air Inc. at 704-891-5314.

Heating and cooling systems have a way of breaking down when the weather is at its worst – on the coldest night of a frigid winter, or during a sizzling summer heat wave. These are times when your comfort system must work the hardest, and when you need it most. A Preventive Maintenance Program operates under the theory that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” It is systematic maintenance that corrects minor problems before they grow into costly emergencies. Your Preventive Maintenance Program is tailored exactly to YOUR heating and cooling equipment.

Trained Professionals At Your Service

“The Walker Team” of top professionals look after your equipment and its performance. We work with you to schedule your preventive maintenance service when convenient.

Preferred Status

Occasionally, problems with equipment may occur even with preventive measures. If an unexpected service need should arise, your call receives priority over our non-agreement customers.

Reduced Rates

Preventive Maintenance Agreement Plan, customers will receive a reduced rate on repairs and no dispatch fee if repairs are performed.

  • Standard Package includes the following:
  • Check System Operation
  • Check Electrical Operation
  • Check Drain Lines
  • Check Indoor Coil
  • Check Outdoor Coil
  • Check Filters
  • Check all Wiring & Connections
  • Check Electrical Contacts
  • Monitor Refrigerant Levels
  • Amp Draw on All Motors
  • Amp Draw on Compressor
  • Check Thermostat Calibration
  • Clean Outdoor Coil
  • Remove Debris From Outdoor Unit
  • Visual Duct Work Inspection
  • Check Evaporator Superheat
  • Our Twice a Year Preventative Maintenance Agreement also includes:

Two Services a Year

  • 10% Discount on all Services with contract agreement.
  • Priority Service
  • Discounted Diagnostic Rate
  • 10% off New System Replacement
  • Routine Service
  • Maintains High Efficiency
  • Lengthens Equipment Life
  • Avoids Costly Breakdown
  • Keeps Utility Costs Low


Planned Preventive Maintenance

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Benefits Of Walker’s Preventive Maintenance.

Energy Savings

With Preventive Maintenance, your unit is certain to operate more efficiently and with much less power consumption. Clean air filters help to assure maximum efficiency, thereby reducing energy costs.

  • Furnace
  • Clean and adjust automatic controls
  • Clean burners or replace nozzle
  • Adjust combustion for optimum fuel efficiency
  • Lubricate as needed
  • Test for combustion leaks
  • Test safety shut-off response
  • Check blowers or circulators
  • Replace standard air filter and belts as needed
  • Check flue for satisfactory operation
  • Inspect and clean heat exchangers as needed
  • Air Conditioning or Heat Pump
  • Clean condenser and evaporator coil as necessary
  • Check electrical connections for tightness
  • Adjust system for optimum cooling or heating
  • Check for evidence of oil and refrigerant leaks
  • Check safety devices
  • Check blower belt wear, tension, and alignment
  • Check metering device operation
  • Replace standard air filter and belts as needed
  • Check refrigerant level
  • Lubricate as needed
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